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Relaxation… need we say more?


Corrective skin care is important to the technicians at Lavish because we have each had to overcome the discomfort of skin problems.  We understand that through quality skin care our clients can achieve that perfect skin seen in advertisements.

We understand that the first thing people see about us is our face and that judgments are made almost immediately based on what our face communicates.

A well-maintained face gives the impression that you are clean and that you take pride in your self-image.  This can lead to better job opportunities and more satisfaction in other areas of your life.


The most important person to impress is yourself!  When you feel good about your skin and over-all image you find greater confidence and joy in life.  From lash extensions to photo-light therapy, from nails to permanent hair removal, the Lavish technician can help ensure that your beauty radiates.

We all know our own greatest imperfections and with the help of the Lavish technician these imperfections can become perfections.

Everyone defines beauty differently and so through a consultation with our technician we can discover and help you achieve your goals.